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If one is an Indian national and wishes to arrive in Vietnam, then it is important for them to know that it is not difficult now. Attaining visa earlier was a big matter of issue. However, currently attaining Vietnam visa is simpler than before.

Why applying for Vietnam visa is easy now?

  • If one opts for Vietnam visa on Indian arrival, it can save a lot of time which was primarily wasted for running for visas.
  • Indians can apply from Vietnam embassy in their country or other
  • It facilities one to apply for different purposes like businesses or tourism
  • It is cheaper and hassle free
  • Attaining Vietnam visa is handy now and if one wishes to extend the days of stay they could get it done easily.

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India to Vietnam visa can now be made online and is hassle-free

Indians travelling to Vietnam can nowadays easily book their Vietnam visa on arrival at one doorstep. They can easily log into their visa online portal and make an application for the issue of a visa on arrival and mention the date of arrival and duration of stay and also the number of people to be counted i.e. the number of people actually coming with the applicant.

Rules and regulations for India to Vietnam visa application

Now, India has become one of the 163 countries worldwide who can easily make their applications on the internet and who does not need to visit the Vietnam embassy anymore. The online application is not only an easy process but also it saves a lot of time. The applicant must have a passport having at least 6 months of validity in the case of advance travel date because if the validity expires, the traveller might get refused. The visa Vietnam will only be provided to those travellers from India who plan on visiting the place by air.

Duration of the stay

A traveller can stay up to a maximum of 3 months while a person visiting the place for business purposes can stay up to a maximum time of a year. The date of stay does not count from the date of application of India to Vietnam visa but rather, it starts from the day of arrival of the traveller.

Opt for the Easy Way of Getting Vietnam visa for Indian citizens

If you are planning to visit the destinations of Ho Chi Minh, Cam Ranh or Da Nang in Vietnam and planning to stay there for some days, you need to apply for a visa at the earliest. But you have nothing to worry about. With the online visa services at your help, you can easily get a visa by following some simple steps.

Know about Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian citizens

Visa on arrival (VOA) is the same as that as of the visa that is granted by Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate, but it is a straight-forward and much cheaper way by which you can get a visa by escaping the harassment of standing in a long queue.

Types of visa

Generally, there are two types of visa on arrival. These are tourist visa and business visa.

  • Tourist visa: Indians can get a tourist visa for a maximum duration of 3 months.
  • Business visa: The business visa lets Indians stay in Vietnam for a maximum duration of 12 months.

What is an approval letter in the context on visa?

In the context of visa, the letter of approval is a document which is accepted at the Immigration office. This acts as a pass for entering or leaving Vietnam. Vietnam visa can be obtained only with the approval letter. As this approval letter cannot be edited after submission, therefore you need to be extremely careful while filling the details.

Some requirement for getting Vietnam visa for Indian citizens

These are the conditions which need to be fulfilled on the part of the applicant for obtaining a Vietnam visa for Indian citizens:

  • The applicant should have a passport with six months of remaining validity.
  • Visa on arrival is ready for those applicants who are visiting Vietnam by air. They can get their visa sealed at three international flight terminals of Vietnam.